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We used to offer two applications for iOS, but they are now obsolete since OCR is a built-in feature of iOS 15.

Why yet another text recognition engine?

Because it was fun building it from scratch? Because we had something very different in mind than another boring "Document Scanner" app? Both actually.

Designed for mobile

Who needs to scan entire documents with their phone anyway? A few people do, and there are some great apps for that. But for everyday interactions, like grabbing an email address or the name of a product or a phone number, most apps are way too much hassle. They require you to take a picture, select or adjust the parts you want recognized, and to start over when it doesn't work.

The Glyphin OCR engine is designed for "live" scanning. Live (or real-time) image recognition means the results are shown immediately and updated continuously. As soon as the desired text is recognized, you can stop scanning. If it doesn't work immediately, you can slightly adjust the aim, the focus, or the distance until it does. It's very short and to the point.

Engineered for mobile and for privacy

Capturing text with a smartphone camera is a lot more challenging than from nice black-on-white images of straight parallel lines of text printed in Times New Roman. Words can be isolated, askew, colored, fuzzy or with bad contrast. The fonts can be weird.

People want something quick, reliable and inexpensive. An app that does not always require an internet connection, and that will not sell their data to the highest bidders.

Our recognition engine is built to deal with difficult images and a wide range of font styles.

Smartphones and tablets are powerful computers with specific strengths and weaknesses. Our machine learning and image processing algorithms are engineered to save memory and to take full advantage of the GPU.

Glyphin's software does 100% of its work on the device itself. That's why our apps can do "live" (real-time) recognition. You can't do that if you need to send images to a "cloud OCR" service and wait to get the text back.

Local text recognition means the images and the data don't leave the device. It's iron-clad privacy.

Do you have an SDK?

No, but if you are interested in one please let us know. That will help us prioritize development.

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